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Our Process

BELL offers the highest level of service in both design and collaboration. Our approach to projects is always client focused: providing innovative solutions that suit the needs of the client. We function as a small, interactive office with a team approach that allows us to maintain consistent involvement in all phases of each project’s planning, design, and development. Where larger firms struggle to evolve, our size and unique experience allows us to keep pace with emerging markets, developing technology, and client needs.

Sustainable design is not just about resources: it’s about systems. Understanding their interconnections, the viability of their long-term trends, and their limits. Sustainable development is about changing systems — for the better. Our philosophy is to integrate sustainability into the core of our design process. Studying energy efficient systems, technology systems, and design systems as a part of our standard methodology enhances a project’s viability and value.



Community  Involvement is essential. BELL’s approach is people focused: providing innovative solutions that suit the needs of the project, the client and the community. Starting with a kickoff meeting, and followed by workshops, discussions are conducted with the design team, consultants, the client and key stakeholders, including the surrounding community. Including all stakeholders in the decision making process is fundamental to a successful project.

Design is a tool for synthesis: acknowledging the past, recalibrating ideologies and aspirations to provide a framework through which we can sculpt a future that is both familiar and new. We strive to create physical environments that are client-specific and achieve a high degree of craft, functionality and value.

Emerging from an evidence-based, contextual approach rather than predetermined style, our designs help realize a vision. By analyzing our clients’ goals and synthesizing programming, design, existing environments, and technical coordination, we create bespoke spaces that are innovative, distinctive, and functional.

Our approach to design is always focused on providing innovative solutions that value the needs of the individual – crafting great places to enhance our experiences.

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