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Visiting Flag Officers Quarters, Washington Navy Yard

The Visiting Flag Officers Quarters (VFQ) are located at the National Historic Landmark Latrobe Gate House Building (c.1805) in the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, DC.  This phased, fast-track, design-build project provided improved facilities for senior Naval Officers, foreign visitors and staff throughout the Visiting Flag Officers Quarters- Building 2 (approx. 33,000 sf ). Redesign of floor plans and updating interior finishes enhanced the function of the suites. The design created an executive-suites type hotel with on premises commercial laundry, food service dining facility, meeting spaces, bunk and supporting  offices. Upgrading ADA accessibility of the structure and adjacent site provided wheelchair access to portions of the building. Portions of the building remained occupied during construction. Fire and life safety improvements per UFC requirements  were designed to overcome deficiencies in the National Historic Landmark, without adverse effect and jeopardizing approval from the State Historic Preservation Office. A unique aspect of the design was the reuse of salvaged Navy piers as heart pine wood flooring throughout the suites.

The new design retained the historic setting and extant elements of the historic gate house while installing contemporary finishes sensitive to the style of the gate house‚Äôs construction period. The HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire suppression, communications and security systems were upgraded to meet the LEED silver sustainability goals for the project and increased the level of comfort and efficient use of the building by visitors and staff. The project involves utilizing existing infrastructure  tied into a new, high efficiency central HVAC system located at Building 291 serving two buildings: the VFQ and the Firehouse.

Sustainability requirements focus on meeting the energy Policy Act (2005) and achieving 20% energy reduction below ASHRAE 90.1 2007.  The project achieved LEED  Silver rating. Energy modeling and enhanced commissioning are included in the project. The energy model calculates the actual energy use at 30%, significantly better than required.

HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire suppression, security and communications systems were upgraded to meet the sustainability goals and LEED Silver rating. Sustainability features included using salvaged Navy Yard piers for wood flooring and achieving energy reduction 30% below ASHRAE 90.1 2007 (1.5 times better than contract requirements).