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The Darby Store

The Darby Store (c 1910). is a country store located in the Beallsville Historic District in Montgomery County, Maryland that was run continuously by the Darby family throughout most of the 20th century.  BELL Architects were hired to complete a site plan, building survey, structural evaluation and rehabilitation of the historic corner store.

The Phase I of the project was to stabilize and move the 3800 sf Darby Store back and away from the intersection of Beallsville Road and Darnestown Road to protect the structure from traffic.  All stabilization work was done according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.  The Darby Store was approved for a Historic Area Work Permit Application and was inspected for the 36 CFR Part 800.5 criteria and it was found that there would be no adverse affect on the historic district by relocating the building.  The Historic Preservation Committee of the Beallsville Historic District was involved in the review process of all plans for the site relocation and stabilization.

Phase II of the project consisted of re-creating the appearance of a 20th century general store, and a space that can be used as both an interpretive space as well as commercial and office space. The overall feel and finishes were retained by replacing deteriorated or missing materials with in kind materials. Modern MEP systems and insulation were installed without infringing on the historic feel of the building. Access to the site and a parking area both meet contemporary ADA requirements. An accessible restroom was added to the first floor.